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Neurotheology: This Is Your Brain on Religion 
09:39am 17/12/2010
mood: inspired
Haven't seen anyone post in this group for a while, and the page itself is a little worse for wear, but just a quick note. Anyone who hasn't heard it yet, there was a segment on NPR yesterday about Neurotheology.

Here is the link for those who are interested:

Neurotheology: This Is Your Brain on Religion
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Aaron is a fraud. 
03:25pm 04/01/2010
  Everyone, just to let you know this Aaron Donahue/Hanson idiot is a fraud, a parasite and all round manipulative fucker.

You can read the website his parents(!) have written about what he did to their family on this website.

He spams like fuck all over the place and it was pissing me off so I'm letting people know not to take him seriously or even bother going to any of his websites.
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Cognitive Science and the New Spirituality 
11:25pm 26/05/2009

This short article may be of interest to this community. It was written by a cognitive science professor and practicing buddhist, who believes that a new scientifically oriented form of spirituality is emerging. A kind of 'secular spirituality', if that phrase can exist without tearing itself apart.

I particularly appreciate the emphasis he places on the real functions that religion has played, and continues to play in our lives. Those who aspire to eliminate it seldom recognize the complex and multi-faced role it has played throughout human history. Further, they haven't even begun to think about the enormity of the task of coming up with something better!
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Reminder: Sundays of Solidarity 
08:04am 14/04/2009
Between May 17 and June 28, 2009,  groups of LGBT and allied people around the country will attend worship services at the church of their choice wearing a lapel button that reads “gay? fine by me.”  For less formal churches we also have a t-shirt with this message.  The lapel button (or t-shirt) serves as a conversation starter – opening dialogue with people in the church about faith, sexual orientation, and gender identity.  When that visible act of courage is paired with adequate training, then transforming hearts and minds becomes a bona fide possibility.  That’s why we’ve designed this web page, as well as a three-part teleconference course that covers the essentials of Nonviolent communication, Media talking points, and What both the Bible and science really say about homosexuality.  Those training teleconferences will be held on April 19, April 26, and May 3 at 4pm CST and are open to all our volunteers for this project. We hope you will consider organizing a Sundays of Solidarity project in your area.  It simply involves choosing  a church in your area that could benefit from an SOS visit, using your contact list to recruit others to join you, attending the teleconference training sessions, and then organizing your group to take action on a date, time, and church location of your choosing.

The training starts in a few days, don't miss it! If you haven't signed up yet, visit http://www.soulforce.org to sign up.

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Spam Posters 
03:05pm 25/03/2009
  I am sure everyone has noticed that for whatever reason this LJ community has become the target of spam-bot profiles. This isn't the only. For whatever reason they have also picked my nanoljers community. I am wondering if maybe we should modify the account so that posting has to be approved and we can all just leave a post saying that we are real people.  
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Spring Cleaning 
01:36pm 24/03/2009
  I've deleted the recent spam and culprits and changed a few settings to make it a bit more difficult for spammers.

Please allow comments on all entries posted in this community. Entries that disallow comments thwart communication and seem like spam. Such entries are likely to be deleted in the future.

Thank you all for keeping this community active and thank you for your patience regarding the spam.
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Best Bets on Meditation Research: Any Suggestions? 
11:28am 24/01/2009
  I'm looking for suggestions on current research (within the past 5 years or so) examining the effects of meditation on the body and brain. In particular, a good scientific literature review which is still readable by someone without a Ph.D. would be appreciated. Also, I'd like to examine research discussing the possible side-effects of meditation for individuals with a trauma history and the work-arounds which have hopefully been developed to deal with those side-effects.  
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Six Lectures in Neurotheology 
11:26am 06/01/2009
mood: contemplative

Here is a link to six lectures in Neurotheology.


These talks cover a wide range of subjects, including Persinger's "God Helmet" (actually the Koren Helmet), and the 8 Coil Shakti, the brain stimulation device pictured on this page.


New semiotics community 
07:36pm 01/01/2009
  Hello, neurotheologians.

I have recently created sign_studies to promote semiotic study, the study of signs and semiosis (sign-action, sign-processes). Semiotics offers an inherently interdisciplinary field of inquiry, as well as a perspective that should appeal to anyone interested in psychology, philosophy, theology, cognition, communication, meaning, language, etc., so I hope to attract a diverse group of intelligent and reflective thinkers.

I imagine members of this community might be able to contribute to semiotic inquiry at the intersection of neurosemiotics and what I have recently christened "theosemiotics."

Please peruse the community profile for more info and feel free to inquire.


(Mods, feel free to delete this post if community promotion is not allowed.)
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Evolution of the Mind: 4 Fallacies of Psychology 
02:09pm 22/12/2008
  Scientific American has an interesting article up, Evolution of the Mind: 4 Fallacies [Evolutionary] of Psychology by David Buller. He discusses what he sees as some of the basic problems with the trendy field. The four fallacies, briefly, are:

  1. Analysis of Pleistocene Adaptive Problems Yields Clues to the Mind’s Design
  2. We Know, or Can Discover, Why Distinctively Human Traits Evolved
  3. “Our Modern Skulls House a Stone Age Mind”
  4. The Psychological Data Provide Clear Evidence for Pop EP

The article is somewhat lengthy, but worth reading. Buller's central thesis is:

“Although some work in evolutionary psychology backs modest claims with careful empirical research, a dominant strain, pop evolutionary psychology, or Pop EP, offers grand and encompassing claims about human nature for popular consumption.… The ideas suffer not so much from one fundamental flaw as from many small mistakes.”

Some people may also be interested in the discussion of this article on the atheism community.

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques?
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Flesh Made Soul 
11:44am 13/12/2008

Flesh Made Soul

Can a new theory in neuroscience explain spiritual experience to a non-believer?

By Sandra Blakeslee

Haven't posted in a while but my surgery came out fine and I'm feeling much better!  I ran across this surfing the web and thought it would be interesting to some.

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A Slight Diversion For Sad News 
11:27am 05/12/2008
  Slightly off the topic, but I thought that this was pretty important news today.

H.M. dies at age 82 - Neuroscience's most unforgettable amnesiac

Have a good weekend folks.
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Is happiness more contagious than sadness? 
11:30am 05/12/2008
mood: chipper
I thought at least a few people in this community might be glad *ahem* to read this article regarding the effect of happiness on others. I have no real comment on the way the study was conducted, as I've yet to read the actual study. However, I thought the article might be appropriate for discussion. Plus, unlike many other articles in the mainstream press regarding studies, this one actually discussed possible flaws.

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Luciferian Psychic Returns to the Air Waves With Joshua P. Warren on 'Speaking of Strange' Radio 
10:23pm 04/12/2008
  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Luciferian Psychic Returns to the Air Waves With Joshua P. Warren on 'Speaking of Strange' Radio

Luciferian Psychic Returns to the Air Waves With Joshua P. Warren on 'Speaking of Strange' Radio

Airs This Saturday Night from 10-11pm ET on AM 570 WWNC

 Asheville, NC, December 6, 2008 10-11p.m. EST -Joshua P. Warren on Speaking of Strange Radio interviews world renowned psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Hanson who explains a dynamic collective change in human consciousness toward accepting an ultimate realization, a world spiritual socialist government, and the promised one of Persia who shall soon rule and unite the world.

From a Luciferian perspective, the UFO phenomenon will at last be explained as it relates to impending human extinction, existence, exodus, and permanence.

How does the paranormal experience of today relate to the impending world reorganization toward Al Mahdi, Persia's Caliphate, and a one world government?

"There shall be signs and wonders in our skies upon his time of world unification."

-A.C.H., Luciferian psychic, prophet, spiritual projectionist, and remote viewer.

ABOUT Speaking of Strange - Speaking of Strange is a Saturday night radio show hosted by Joshua P. Warren.  It airs locally from Asheville, NC radio station AM570 WWNC every Saturday night from 8-11 pm EST, and worldwide on the web at http://www.wwnc.com/main.html

ABOUT Aaron C. Hanson - Aaron is the psychic and remote viewer who was featured on the In Search Of TV Documentary remake that aired in 2002 in the episode on Psychic Spies .  Aaron demonstrated that he could precisely locate a person at a remote location using only his remote viewing skills. He has been featured on such television shows as "SOS" of TV Asahi in Japan, mainstream radio broadcasts such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory, and others. He was filmed in a major motion picture "Suspect Zero" where he also served as technical assistant. Since then he has done multiple internet radio broadcasts, and keeps a popular blog on his Myspace page www.myspace.com/hearananda where he occasionally reveals winning lottery numbers for specific areas of the world. His latest lottery success was posted on November 5th, 2008 for the state of Illinois marking his first in a series of postings leading up to the release of his book "Lottery and Survival…" for January 2009. Aaron predicted 666 as this number and in fact, that was the winning number!

Aaron has a long history of paranormal experience and his latest research using modified electronic camera sensors utilizing right angled mirrors and other proprietary devices is being developed to further capture the spiritual essence or that beyond what is experienced by normal states of awareness. Aaron's spiritual projection imagery is in a class outside of anything known today. Many of his images reveal the dead either in passing and/ or from another realm that has yet to be fully understood.

If it involves relevance, mystery, and fantastic controversy, Aaron has the "it" and is as always deep within it all. This fascinating man has been described by many as a strange genius, wildly eccentric, inexhaustibly soulful, and enigmatic.

Aaron, is now being booked for interviews. If you are interested in interviewing, Aaron, please contact him by sending an email to propheticlight@gmail.com. To see a recent interview with The Alien Seeker News, visit the following website: http://www.alienseekernews.com/articles/interview-with-aaron-hanson.html
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connections between Genesis and science 
05:45pm 23/11/2008
  Just the week before I saw this community featured on the main page and started posting, I had given the speech under the cut below to Toastmasters.  It was one of those Jungian coincidences, which may qualify as a neurotheological phenomenon in its own right.

I don't post this to restart the argument about validity of connections between creation myths and science, but merely because I finally got around to typing that speech and thought some here might be interested.


Read more...Collapse )</div>
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The Religious Experience, Part I 
04:17pm 01/11/2008
  [The following essay is cross-posted from my own journal. A few people expressed interest, so I'm sharing it here. Again, I don't know if it is fully appropriate here, since I approach religion from a biased perspective. However, I hope you enjoy it. If I get positive feedback, I will continue to cross-post here. Thank you.]

While my posts thus far have focused on a philosophical framework for spirituality, it is important to understand that such constructs are not the meat of a religious life. Ultimately, what makes a path spiritual or religious is the experience of it as such. As Jennifer Dornan (2004) writes, "the symbols and abstract ideas of a religion do not have the social force of belief unless there is some performative, experiential aspect to provide meaning and import to those symbols." At the same time, such experiences have little intrinsic meaning until interpreted in the light of some established philosophy or ideology, and this dynamic dance is the engine behind the countless number of religious systems in the world. With this in mind, let's begin to explore the world of religious experience.
Read on to begin the adventure...Collapse )
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New offerings 
11:21pm 27/10/2008
  Greetings. I am new to this group, and I love the basic topic. I am a grad student in clinical psychology and have a deep interest in both the workings of the brain and religion.

As it happens, I have a series of posts that might or might not be of interest to folks here. Instead of cross posting, I'll just link to a couple. Based on these, please let me know if my writing would be appropriate for this group. Comments are welcome in those posts.

The Religious Experience, Part I

The Religious Experience, Part II

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Quantum: Uses and Abuses 
09:05am 21/10/2008
  There have been some fun discussions in this community regarding what might be inferred from quantum theory and applied to other areas of study. Although perhaps not strictly "neurotheology," I have watched marketers exponentially employ the Q-word in ad campaigns the way they used to employ the word "natural" for any product which had at least one derivative of a botanical product somewhere on the list of ingredients. My latest encounter with quantum marketing occurred at a doctor's office, which I wrote about here and about which I am still a tad stunned.

Quantum is the new word of choice for the alternative healing market, and marketers cling to it as the "proof" of "how" their service or technology is supposed to "work." The medical market, traditional or otherwise, is incredibly lucrative, so much so that predatory practices must be considered when reflecting on the industry, the particular product and the product's effectiveness. "Quantum healing," "quantum medicine" and "energy healing" are the latest catch phrases used to lure clients.

Now I won't dispute there may be benefits to alternative techniques for which practitioners have only allegorical explanations. Many techniques directly or indirectly relieve stress, and reduced stress (for those who are over-stressed) is correlated with looking, feeling and functioning better, even if only in a subjective sense. However, to claim that one service or technology is a panacea simply because the word "quantum" appears in the marketing literature seems beyond baseless.
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Am I posting this in the right place? 
01:13pm 15/10/2008
mood: curious
I am usually very skeptical about the line between science and belief in something as being spiritual.

A friend was doing some past life work and said that all of a sudden the person they were working with seemed to become flame or be surrounded by flame and they suddenly felt very hot...they were looking up fire auras but couldn't find anything. I guess this isn't the first time this person has been "surrounded by flames" in past life work.

Personally I'd like to hear a possibly more scientific reasoning of this.
But if anyone has any of the sort of information they were looking for, I would be more than happy to pass it along.
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More on superstition, lack of control 
11:44pm 10/10/2008
  Last week on NPR's Science Friday host Ira Flatow did a more in-depth interview, with a few listener call-ins, with one of the researchers behind the study showing which "indicates that in situations in which a person is not in control, they're more likely to spot patterns where none exist, see illusions, and believe in conspiracy theories." You can listen to it on the web here or click here to launch iTunes for a free download of the podcast. This story gives a little more detail than the one posted last week. It's about 17 minutes long. I recommend the podcast for general science news of interest.  
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